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Yelp-like Sites: Top 20 for Reviews

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Yelp is a reputed website and mobile application that is capable of making a connection with people and large local businesses. It had started its journey in July 2004 and it has spread in different countries throughout the world and thus it has managed to make itself one of the topmost local guides for real reviews on everything, literally ranging from mechanics, boutiques to dentists and restaurants.

The Yelp community consists of people, who are connected to the online world and want to share their valuable opinions regarding local businesses.

As of March 31, 2015, Yelp had managed to receive 142 million unique visitors/month (on an average). It signifies that your listing is going to be displayed to a large number of people that is really commendable. However, filtered reviews are the main drawback of Yelp.

One common and frustrating fact is that business owners need to work hard for building up their business reviews but many of them end up this journey without any influence on the overall rating. There are also rumors that Yelp does this for the growth of their user activity as well as the user base.

Hence, if you are searching for the alternative tools for Yelp, then you have landed the right place. Underneath the twenty alternative tools are described from which you can choose the appropriate one for your business.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon had been considered among the first online stores that had allowed its customers to post reviews on various products in the year 1995 and till date, it remains among the most prominent and essential resources for customers, who are searching for information to make their purchasing decisions.

Customers write down feedbacks about their experience on Amazon of about 15% and that makes a huge difference in the purchasing decisions of future customers.

A large number of people look for Amazon review before purchasing any product. The sparkling gold stars, as well as top-class customer reviews, make all the differences between the top-selling products and average products (although both are similar products).

Customers provide ratings on a five-star rating scale that is further divided into the percentage of reviews/star. It is followed by the most helpful customer reviews as well as the most recent customer reviews.

Angie's List

Angie's List is one of the prominent review websites because users need to provide payment for membership, however, users get high-valued service every time.

The reviews are provided on an A–F scale and each and every review is extremely well-thought unlike the ones available in free review websites and another great feature is that the reviews will not be anonymous that means no possibilities for misrepresentative or fake review. Angie's List also allows companies to provide responses to the reviews, written about them.

Angie’s List provides the facility of over 10 million verified reviews in over 700 service categories. In the year 2017, Angie’s List has been integrated with HomeAdvisor to design the largest digital marketplace in the globe for home services in order to connect a large number of homeowners throughout the world, accompanied by local home service professionals.


Do you have clients based in Australia? Then, Choice can be the ideal choice for you. It is a member-funded Australia-based review website. It is capable of testing services and products independently and offering performance reviews to the members.

The most of their works are involved with testing services and products, the creation of product comparisons, and writing purchasing guides. They also allow their members to give ratings and to discuss particular product brands as well as models with other members of Choice.

Choice has been in the topmost place in the domain of academic reviews for more than 50 years. For the sake of a searchable archive of approximately 200,000 reviews, this review platform helps librarians in delivering powerful resources.


Trustpilot is a rapidly growing and community-driven incredible Denmark-based consumer review platform. Trustpilot for businesses provides a great help to companies from all around the world and they proactively gain customer reviews. Here customers write both seller and product reviews by verifying it by third-party.

Trustpilot offers a fundamental version for free of cost (through which you can create a profile page and gain customer reviews) and their brilliant paid versions will enable you in creating customizable review invitations, sharing reviews and ratings on social media and linking review data to the respective internal business systems.

In the popular platform of Trustpilot, 13,000,000 reviews have been published till date, 500,000 new reviews are published per month, 110,000 companies was rated here, 10,000 new users are signing up to this platform per month and 65 countries use Trustpilot reviews actively.


TestFreaks is a similar platform like TrustPilot. This Swedish-based TestFreaks provides help to companies in gaining customer reviews and noting down seller reviews to provide them the best compliment.

Another incredible feature of TestFreaks is its question and answer feature that enables prospective customers to post their questions and obtain answers straightforwardly from your customer service team.

The clients of TestFreaks experience more than a 30% conversion rate uplifts whenever making the addition of ratings and reviews to their product pages.


Which? is a reputed independent consumer review platform that tests as well as reviews products and then writes about those products. Unlike the platform of Angie's List, folks write reviews on Which? and not the consumers.

This particular platform doesn’t accept submissions for survey inclusion or product testing, however, they provide encouragement to individuals to allow them to know about their services and products by sending emails in their email address.

An array of their contents are free of cost, however, consumers can also become members for £10.75 per month for having access to a "Best Buys" as well as "Don't Buy" list, the latest reviews regarding products from their test labs, and provide access to their customer legal advice service.

Which? is there for the customers for 60 years and continuously providing the top-class service.


It is becoming one of the prominent online spaces but it might be something weird for you to start gaining reviews in Twitter. Although users might not necessarily look for reviews straightforwardly in this platform (unless review hashtag is there), tweets are indexed in search results.

It signifies that a user’s tweet (whether it’s less-than or complimentary) might pop up in the SERPs when someone is looking for reviews regarding your products or services.

According to the report of 2018, Twitter averaged 336 million monthly active users.

Your Own Website

Many people forget about this particular platform and that’s their own website. This is the place, where they have total and absolute control. It’s an incredible destination to publicize reviews that you have received. You can dedicate a section of your website for publishing testimonials and reviews.

You can also include a form so that your satisfied customers can submit their uninvited reviews. However, if it’s the case that you are campaigning for having positive online reviews actively and your clients are also very much interested in leaving positive reviews for your brand but don’t hold accounts on websites, such as Angie's List, Yelp or in other platforms, then publishing their encouraging words in your website would be a great idea. You can consider adding testimonials to product pages as well as landing pages.

The number of customer reviews depends on the traffic of your website and how many users have been truly satisfied with your products or services.


ConsumerAffairs collect reviews for brands. Whenever a business signs up, it becomes capable of gaining access to every kind of resources, such as the procedure by what reviews and a robust reputation can help to achieve enhanced revenue, discover brand ambassadors, and the procedure through which negative customer experiences can be converted into positive ones. You can sign up via other social media platforms or use an email address.

More than 300 accredited brands and over 700 non-accredited brands on ConsumerAffairs have been rated 3 stars or higher.


It is an independent organization dedicated to product testing. It operates unbiased tests for testing as well as recommending products. ConsumerReports has reviewed more than 7.7 million products. This platform doesn’t accept any advertising rather does pay for each and every product that they have been tested.

ConsumerReports has been protecting customers for over 80 years. It has been rating a large number of services and products annually. Over 6 million members are present in this specific platform.


Started the journey in 2000, TripAdvisor has become the leader in travel destination and accommodation website in the U.S. with over 460 million user opinions as well as reviews that cover nearly seven million listings for hotels, restaurants, attractions, and vacation rentals.

Google My Business

Receiving comments, reviews, images etc specifically on Google can provide you with a great improvement in search. However, only verified local Google+ pages can provide responses to reviews. We are well-familiar with the power of Google and thus we can also realize the power of Google My Business.

Yahoo! Local Listings

Yahoo! Local Listings is much like Google My Business reviews and this particular platform allows users to publish reviews on businesses, accompanied by a five-star rating system. As per Search Engine Land, Yahoo! obtains approximately 10% share of the search engine.

You can expect to be found throughout more than 60 directories including search engines, online listings, maps, voice-activated search etc.


FinancesOnline is considered among the fastest growing platforms for both SaaS and B2B software reviews with over 2,200,000 visitors per month. They manage to accumulate thousands of user reviews per month and each and every reviewer is authenticated through LinkedIn for making sure that only genuine users can share their experiences with the community.

G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is an ideal destination for all software sellers. More than 1,00,000 individuals are searching for purchasing software go through 300,000+ user reviews on G2 Crowd to make better buying decisions. G2 Crowd is much like Yelp but the former one works in a particular niche.


TrustRadius is one of the popular online review websites targeted for software businesses. Reviewers on this particular website have been authenticated through LinkedIn they are real users that further permits users to watch whatever their LinkedIn connections are expressing about pieces of software on this specific review generation platform.

TrustRadius strives to provide technology purchasers with access to actionable and genuine advice from counterparts.

Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange is a popular review generation platform in which reviews are based on a brilliant five-star rating system.

In this platform, each and every application holds reviews that have been enlisted with the most helpful positive and negative reviews and these reviews are followed by all reviews from which users can easily filter by date, rating, and helpfulness.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau or BBB is a reputed non-profit website that analyzes every type of business against a collection of best practices for how companies should behave with the consumers.

BBB does not endorse or recommend any businesses straightforwardly, rather they provide information to the public about businesses. Almost 400,000 local North America-based businesses provide support to the BBB.


Glassdoor is a popular employee review website that provides a great help to anyone ranging from potential customers to employees to have an inside knowledge of a company. Glassdoor holds over 40 million reviews as well as insights for almost 770,000 companies.

Almost 57 million unique users visit the website and mobile applications of Glassdoor on a monthly basis.

Facebook Ratings and Reviews

Facebook is not only a platform for connecting near and dear ones but fans can also leave reviews as well as ratings in case they like your products or services.

Facebook Ratings & Reviews appears on the left-hand position of any Facebook Page and it can’t be relocated or removed like other parts of Facebook. Over one billion people are active on Facebook, so you can easily measure the power of Facebook and the reviews, written on it.

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