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How to Increase Patient Reviews On Google Plus Within A Week

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Customer’s reviews are very important if you want your business website to be at the top of Google search engine.

Most people always read reviews of any particular product or company before buying it or making business transactions with the company. The reviews about your products or services, give a potential customer an idea of the product or services that you render, either good or bad.

In healthcare industry, either as a medical doctor, dentist, surgeon, physiotherapist e.t.c, reviews from your patients are very important so that new patients can have an idea of how good you are as a medical practitioner.

show that 70% of people consult reviews before making a decision either to make a business transaction or not. Prospective patients read the reviews about your healthcare services before they make a decision.

It is important to get sincere and truthful reviews from your patients so as to get your ratings on Google search. Reviews should be 100% the truth about your services with no form of coercion or lies.

Positive reviews are good for your business or services but when all your reviews are all positive with no single negative review from any patient, it may lead to suspicion from Google or prospective patients themselves.

Google can ban your web page if they discover that the reviews on your webpage are falsified. Reviews should be unbiased and free from lies.

How to increase your patient reviews

Getting patients to review your services is not an uphill task. You need to encourage and remind them to leave a review on your website page, but how effectively can you do this so that the patients will actually make a review.

There are different creative ways in which you can encourage and remind patients to leave a review on your web page.

Render satisfying services to your patients

For a patient to be willing to write a review about your services, the first easy way is to render satisfying services to them. When you render satisfying services to your patients, they will be happy and naturally want to make reviews about your services.

No patient will be happy to leave a review on your webpage if you render unsatisfying services, unless they want to give negative reviews about your services which is not good for the growth of your business.

When you render very satisfying services to your patients, you do not need to remind them before they will joyfully make reviews about your service.

Encourage and remind them

To make a review on Google, you need to have a Google plus account. If any of your patients do not have a Google plus account then encourage them to create one.

For patients who already have a Google plus account, you only need to encourage and remind them to leave a review about your services on your web page.

When asking a patient to leave a review about your services, do not make them feel coarse to do it. It should be a free-will thing but you only need to encourage them in a friendly manner to make an unbiased review of your services. When asking patients for reviews, don’t be too early and don’t be too late to ask.

You need to ask as the right time because if you are too early to ask for reviews, your patients might not have a full experience about your services and so they have nothing much to write about.

Also, if you ask too late, the initial sense of impressiveness may fade away or they may simply not have that zeal anymore to make a review. So it is important for you to know the right time to ask your patients for reviews.

Paste Banners and Posters around your office

This is another effective way to get the attention of your patients so they can leave reviews on your web page. Studies show that humans have more retentive memory about what they constantly see than what they hear.

Pasting banners and posters in and around your office to remind patient to leave reviews is a creative way to increase your reviews. Any patient that reads the banner or poster, is reminded of it.

Share your Google Plus link with patients

Your Google plus link should be as much as possible very short and patients should be able to go straight to the page they can write reviews when they click on the link.

Too many steps to make reviews discourages most patients, so try to minimize the steps. It is best when patients click your link and it takes them directly to the page they can write a review.

Share the link with your patients either through direct messages, email or through different social site media.

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