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Why your Medspa website is not converting leads to clients?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Among 21,950 Medspas, there is only 5% of Medspas are successful. Medspa has a good Market value increase by 13.3% extra by this year and contributes $3.7 billion in annual revenue. But this has nothing to do with your Medspa business.

You may be attracted to starting up Medspa because of all these reasons. Creating brand awareness, promotion and more visibility are factors deciding the success of Medspa business.

On average, the Medspa business brings $1 million per annum; to an extent, it is $3-5 million. To hit this business goal, you need to improve your medspa marketing techniques. Around 70% of business uses websites for conversion. Websites have a high conversion rate of 2.35-3.51% which is double that of paid Facebook and Instagram ads. People visiting your website get convinced to visit you physically.

This conversion takes longer while at least 6months. Websites make this easy and give quick conversion. When you find your website doesn't bring conversion, then it is a mere website, not a converting lead.

Don't want to fall in 95% unsuccessful Medspas? Check for these 15 optimization mistakes why your medspa website is not converting leads to clients?

Ignoring SEO techniques

Searchers spend less than 15 seconds visiting a website. Conversion happens when you prolong this time to at least 30 seconds to 1 minute. Moreover, it is 90% of searchers click the first-ever result that appears on the result page.

When your Medspa lacks an SEO strategy, then it goes invisible with a poor view rate. But sadly, nobody knows how SEO works and brings results. There are expert marketing analysts who draw assumptions on the working of SEO.

Apply them in website building for more conversion.

Nowhere in top results

Your Medspa website should come within the top 5 results for mobile screens and top 10 results for a computer screen. To do this, you need to optimize your content accordingly to the cornerstone strategy.

You may wonder, 15 results remain the same for years and years yet have not been replaced. You lack creating such effective content on the Medspa website.

Poor medspa website designs

The first impression takes 1/10 the second to get the conversion. Believe it or not, this happens with the Medspa website even. In that case, you should make the customers view your website at least for a longer while than usual.

Website designs and themes in which you fit in content should be unique and impressive. That is where customers wish to spend more time viewing the designs at least. Eye-catchy and professional-looking website themes are available for free.

You can use WordPress themes to try and experiment the cope with the taste of viewers. Or else, you can get personalized themes suiting your Medspa demands.

No landing page

Many promotional business websites do this big mistake. They have no landing page for their website. Or they have websites for namesake to give any click-through links. The landing page helps viewers know your other available beauty and wellness programs.

For example, the client who looks for fillers may find botox attractive and effective and go for doing it. When you give links then link the landing page of your Medspa. Clients may choose where to surf further within your website contents. You don't forcibly decide what they should see on your website.

Don't promote any one kind of beauty treatment through links. Promote as a whole and then the generating leads become conversion zone to your Medspa. You can get up to 100 new customers every month to a great extent.

No site map

Website creation is often called "website building". You are indeed building a promotional virtual promotional block of contents. The site may many website creators neglect to include. The site map instructs and directs viewers to see various web pages inside the website.

Web pages for each beauty therapy can be linked there. Viewers can check what they want to see on the Medspa website. Create dedicated web pages for each treatment with pricing and reviews from customers.

Broken links

The links you give inside websites should not be overcrowded. Internal links for references or click-through links can be used in limited numbers. Otherwise, web pages load long on the user's device.

No one will patiently wait and they go for viewing other websites. Maybe this is one reason why generating leads brings no conversion. Also, you never check for broken links which redirect them into various other links. Frustrated customers will never think of visiting you.

Poor page speed

Average or good page speed is 3-5 seconds. Web pages inside the website may take time to load due to various reasons.

In that case, viewers quickly go for viewing any other pages. Images used inside websites, links, videos, and other elements of a website reduce page speed and load for a long while.

50% of websites deal with this page speed issue and ignore it without improving. Check your Medspa website and page speed from viewing through various devices.

No mobile optimization

Nearly, 90% of website view rate relies on mobile users. But on building Medspa websites, creators forget this large number of mobile users.

So, the poor supporting websites on mobiles might be the important reason why viewers of the website never turn into your customer. Many a time, viewers click to view the Medspa website and quit immediately due to a lack of support on their devices.

Not enough contact details

Sometimes checking all the contents on the website owners fail to see contact details. You use websites to create traffic and to promote your Medspa. In that case, every detail in your business card must be there inside your website content.

It is your office phone number which may be the Medspa reception desk number or any active number. Then, it is the address of your Medspa. These two contact details are necessary to contact for appointments.

Forgetting these, you have no scope to get customers visiting your Medspa.


Despite giving Medspa a contact number, it is important to give the CTA option. CTA stands for the call to action. It serves as a quick dialing option to connect calls with your Medspa.

It helps certainly to stop viewers to look for any second option by visiting other results on the results page. Excluding this CTA option may not bring effective conversion as the customer never books appointments easily.

No linked in appointment page

Medspa websites must include online appointment pages. Viewers trying to contact you may directly book appointments here. They could see your availability and their convenience.

Otherwise, your Medspa website view rate may increase but get no extra traffic. This when you lack, you get zero conversion.

No image optimization

As told you may use images inside Medspa websites like before/after cosmetic surgical transformation. These images can be a huge drawback to loading web pages. Don't go on using too many images unnecessarily.

They take time to load eventually the page speed reduces and takes a long time. Also, the size of the image should be reduced and given in PNG or JPEG formats. These image optimization mistakes may reduce view rate and conversion to your Medspa website.

No keywords

Generating leads you use may be shared widely among customers. When they click through to view Medspa contents, many a time there are no relevant contents they look for. This may disappoint them. It is told that keywords alone can bring you first place on the result page.

Around 95% of words used inside website contents are pointless and highly irrelevant. SEO checks keywords in the first 100 words of website content. The head title should have more number of keywords to appear first on the result page.

Ask a market analyst and content writer to improve keywords on the Medspa website. If there you fail, then viewers may not see your website. Eventually, no conversion happens.

No interactive modes

Usually, a website has any kind of interactive mode to communicate with customers. Medspa customers want to know basic details about Medspa treatments. To ask such questions to the service provider, they need a medium.

At the fag end of any website, you see the live option. It helps to connect skin and cosmetic experts with customers. Also, choose interactive and responsive themes to fit in your Medspa contents.

Engage and reply to all customer queries there. With that provides basic and repetitive customer doubts. If possible talk about myths about skincare and cosmetic surgeries in explaining web pages.

No customer profile pages

Information is a treasure. When it is your customer detail then they are an asset for promotion. Details like name, age, contact number, and email address are important to know. Rarely 10% of visitors to the Medspa website return back to check again.

So, you have to collect all this information on a profile page. Then do follow-up emails, calls, and SMS to remain medspa clients. At least share with them the offers on getting these details. This ensures more traffic and conversion. Are you doing all these mistakes with the Medspa website? Then stop doing them to get a high conversion and view rate.

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