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A Guide to Using Retargeting Facebook Ads for Medspa Returning Clients

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

How do retargeting ads reach existing audience?

  • Through sharing leads in Email

  • When they are still your followers in Facebook

  • Through previous interaction

  • Checking the view list of your existing or previous ads and videos

Retargeting Facebook Ads Examples for Medspa

Retargeting ads can convert first time visitors by making them to see their Facebook feeds. There is 2 billion users turn back to visit your Medspa through Facebook retargeting ads.

To pull back the existing customers through leads, it is necessary to interact and solve customer problems. Once you know that, it is easy to create and manage retargeting fb ads.

But social media content creation is what needs more focus in retargeting ads. Here you get the complete guide to create exceptional retargeting fb ads for your Medspa. Retargeting Medspa Facebook must have,

Lots of interaction

Many a times, conversion never happens by viewing the first ad of your Medspa. There consistency is the key. You should create a retargeting funnel that slowly extracts your potential customers. Clients who have visited your fb ads may leave viewing it in the middle.

There you need to find why they quit seeing your ad?

The answer is so simple. You are not showing what they wish to see in your ad. Then it denotes you fail to listen to your potential audience effectively.

Facebook ad aims to get clients by solving their problem. List down the comments you get below the ad to work on your pitfalls. For better communication, conduct campaigns to get responses from your audience. Poll ads work effectively to reach this kind of marketing goals.

For example, ask a question like:

  • “What do you think about having a glow up routine?”

  • "Do you think age is just a number?”

  • “How about a cozy and relaxing vocational massage session?”

  • “Wish to join for a re-opening glow up facial?”

These leads surely make them think atleast a moment to turn up for an appointment at your Medspa. Always save and note customer responses. This may make you a pro in creating retargeting ads.

Credibility through reviews

Medspa has Women target audience the most. They are between 25-34 age groups who look for anti-ageing treatments; because women have more aesthetic sense than men. But it is really hard to make them believe your Medspa service.

They see atleast 3-5 online reviews before purchasing or turning up for treatment appointments. So, showing reviews can be the effective way to create retargeting Facebook ads. It is both reviews as videos or Testimonials shared by clients about your Medspa experience. Often it is collective ads with before and after images of clients’ transformation videos. But make sure you share authenticated original reviews of clients. You should also get the permission or respective clients to share those details for promotion. It may convince them consider visiting you physically at your Medspa.

Crazy offers 

Retargeting ads need not be so serious. It is fun and crazy ads attract the audience best. Conversion is a long term process. It includes making your audience visit your ads for multiple times.

If not turning up to take appointments, there are audiences who wish to see your ads to relax from their boring day. Who knows gradually they decide to visit you in future? Offers, discounts or coupons should be very entertaining. For example,

“This offer is for you if you have never followed a skin care routine not even once in your life!”

“Start your pamper routine if you are 30 now using the coupon code!”

“Christmas glow up facial offer from your secret Santa!”

Such entertaining ads can actually make audience to claim your offers, discounts and campaigns.

Inventory alerts

Medspa is not about aesthetic treatments. Mostly Medspa comes with skincare products, anti-ageing products and follow up serums sale. It is one easy way to make more money with Medspa advertisement.

Whenever you add up a new product or new range of skin care launch, you can send an alert with update ads. This you can do with your custom audience who are visiting you on a regular basis too.

You can create a skin care series where you stress the importance of following a proper skin can regime.

“If you are a beauty of 30, start using this anti-ageing cream now!”

“A night cream to get a overnight glow”

“sleep with this mask, wake to challenge the Sun with your bright face”

“Unlock your true beauty with this scar fading cream” and such entertaining alerts.

Impress with innovation

You need not stick to the usual retargeting ad ideas. Of course, it is no wrong when you follow what works for others. But many times, what works for others will not be the same with you. It is because; the field and category of business may differ from other. Get inspiring and working ideas from others, but think whether it really works for you. Medspa is not selling a product but offering a service. Convincing a client to buy your good or product is comparatively easy as online purchases are so common. But making a client to turn up for a beauty service is not really easy as you think.

Retargeting ads should really hit the audience mind to visit you. This can happen only when you stand unique from others. While surfing or scrolling down, look alike ads will never get their attention; whereas an eye-catchy appealing ad impresses the best.

Ask your audience

When you don’t find what to do or what can get you the audience, then ask them directly. Ask a responsive ad where you make space for audience to come out with their opinions.

For example,

  • “What do you expect to visit a Medspa?”

  • “What can really make you visit a Medspa?”

  • “What exclusive offer you expect with your Facial?”

  • “What is that take away that you want to carry returning from your beauty treatments?”

  • “Are you the person interested in Cosmetic treatments?”

  • “What about a free consultation with a skin care expert?”

  • “Are you the lucky one to take a full body pampering with 50% discount on your bill?

You can always ask these exciting questions to know audience response and likeability. It is important in retargeting ads when you concern about their likings.

Make them curious

Make your audience curious about your updates. This is one best targeting idea that works for every marketer. Whenever there is a new launch, offer, discount or new update you have for audience, announce it prior with a hint. With ads make a tag like

“10 days to go!” 

“A week to go for an exciting launch!”  

Keep count downs set in your ads and advertisement posts. This makes them often check you for the exclusive announcement. Eventually, they turn up to visit you at your Medspa when you unlock the secret.

But make sure you have worthy announcements that convince the audience waiting worthwhile.

Engage your audience

Don’t keep long intervals between posting your Facebook retargeting ads. Keep posting something that can bring you more traffic. It can be a post, short series video ads, poll ads, review ads, testimonials or offers.

But keep posting an ad in your page where your potential audience checks often. It is helpful when your existing followers who are not your clients in real to take a chance. So, keep engaging your audience through any mean to attract to visit you again and again. Moreover, skin care, sculpting small daily exercise routine for face and such tips can be posted to retarget your audience. This they find interesting and keep seeing your ads and one fine day they think of visiting your Medspa.

Emotional intelligence

Retargeting Facebook ads should not be pointless. People get attach to something that is life like and similar to their struggle. Don’t give any announcement that is highly impossible. For this, all you need is emotional intelligence to think like your audience.

Put an ad which you wish to see while surfing Facebook. Dramatic or hypothetical ads seem very artificial. Likely, relatable problems and possible solutions should be in your ad content.

For example, don’t say you can reverse ageing with aesthetic treatments instead tell the truth that you can delay ageing by concentrating anti-ageing treatments. Fun elements like sharing a relatable skin problem post can be your retargeting ad.

For example, “I don’t need a beauty spot but naturally blessed with enough dark spots” under #every girl struggles.

With that you suggest a solution with Pepfactor for scar fading.  This is what connects you with your audience.

Avail offers at every ad

Of course, it is impossible to give offers in every ad. Instead, you can intimate like

“Be the first five to grab 20% offer on botox treatments” or “Be the one who can get 50% off for your face sculpting”

Offer what you can afford. Eventually you may have more bookings on this announcement.

Anyhow, you are not going to fake the announcement, but to choose one lucky client among booked appointments.

Seriously, many may book for appointments assuming that they will be the lucky one. This is one easy and common way to get more traffic through retargeting ads.

Fear of Missing out

Audience may get startled on seeing limited offers. They rush to make use of such offers. It is psychologically said that people fear to miss or lose the opportunity. It does not matter whether they really want that treatment or product immediately.

Just to avail such offers, they think of going for it. So, use such tags like “Don’t miss this Christmas glow up with 50% off!” “Rush to get your bookings for 70% off on full body massage” Even when you don’t use such taglines, make use of tags like or “Visit us to get your coupon at (your location)” or “Limited offers subjected to owner’s convenience”. This is one worst night mare which makes them to visit you physically at Medspa.

Remind about their previous purchase

Sometimes, clients may book for an appointment and leave it in the mid way. Often you send reminders like “there is one step to get you appointment with us”.

About the product purchase “Why don’t you purchase our product at the cart?” or “Oh! It seems you forget to purchase the product on cart”.

This may turn them to look for getting appointments or buying your inventory spa products.

Treat them specially

Through retargeting ads, you are meeting your existing customer. So, you can specify that you want to stay connected with them.

Send them greetings with additional offers like “Avail extra 10% off on your next face glow up routine at our spa! This is exclusively for our 2 years of customer relationship with you!” Thus, retargeting ads can bring you more traffic and your existing customers keep visiting you over and over again.

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