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Need 200+ Leads: Tips to Choose the Right PPC Agency

Updated: May 9

A PPC agency is an agency that specializes in creating and managing PPC campaigns. Apart from managing PPC campaigns, the agency may also offer other services such as SEO, web design, social media marketing, etc.

Choosing the right PPC agency for your business can be quite tasking. There are many things that you will need to take into consideration. It is important that you choose a PPC agency that meets your goals and expectations.


10 Tips for Choosing a PPC Management Agency


To help you choose the right PPC agency for your business, we will be exploring the 10 important tips that you should consider before hiring a PPC agency.


1. Industry Expertise


One of the important things to consider before choosing a PPC agency is their level of expertise in your specific industry. The PPC agency that you want to hire should be PPC experts who have worked in your industry for many years.


The agency should know everything about your industry and how well to drive leads to your business. They should know what it takes to ensure success in PPC campaigns in your industry or type of business.


They should have a proven track record of previous successful PPC campaigns which they have done for previous clients. Being sure about the industry expertise of the PPC agency that you want to hire is very important.

2. Services Offered


Before hiring a PPC agency, you need to review the services that they offer. You need to know whether or not the PPC agency can successfully handle your PPC campaign and everything required to ensure the success of your campaign.


You need to be sure that they offer services that align with your goals and expectations.

For example, what are the channels or platforms that the agency uses?

If you want your PPC ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, or Instagram platforms, do they offer those specific services?

If you need to include specific designs in your ads, can they do it?

These are important things that you should consider. You need to be sure that the agency offers services that you need for your PPC ad campaign.


3. Open Communication


A reputable PPC agency should prioritize transparent and open communication with their clients. This will ensure that clients are fully informed about the strategies employed and everything other things being done.

The agency should allow you to understand how specific actions drive campaign results.


The agency should regularly update you on the steps taken right from the beginning of the campaign to the end.

Open communication fostesr a collaborative environment where insights are shared to ensure the success of your PPC ad campaign.

4. Location


The location of a PPC agency is another thing to consider, particularly if you want to work with a local PPC agency.


You may want to hire a PPC agency that is located close to you. This will allow you to have in-person meetings with them, discuss one-on-one and share ideas, and also know them in person.

You will also be able to hold emergency meetings in person without having to drive long distance.


This is only important when you want a PPC agency that you can see and talk to physically.

If the geographical location of the agency doesn’t matter to you or you’re comfortable communicating with the agency online, then the location of the PPC agency is not something to consider.


5. Clear Pricing Structure


Transparency in pricing is very important when choosing a PPC agency. You don’t want to hire an agency that is above your budget.

A PPC agency should clearly outline its pricing structure so that you can have a clear understanding of what you are paying for and what it will cost you. There should be no hidden or unexpected fees.

This will allow you to budget accordingly so that you don’t spend more than your budget.


6. Leveraging Analytics to Track Campaigns


A reputable PPC agency should track campaigns to know how will they’re performing.

Analytical tools should be used to track campaigns to know if they are performing well as expected. Tracking campaigns will provide insights into which aspects are performing well and which aspects need to be adjusted.


You should be able to know how well your PPC ads are performing. Ensure that you hire a PPC agency that tracks campaigns using industry-standard analytical tools.


7. Look Through Testimonials and Reviews


Testimonials and reviews are practical experiences of previous clients about a business or service provider. It is important that you go through the testimonials and reviews of previous clients of a PPC agency before hiring them.

This will help you know them better. You will be able to know if previous clients are satisfied with their services or not. Looking through the testimonials and reviews of a PPC agency will help you make informed decisions.

8. Brand Alignment


It is very important that you hire a PPC agency that aligns with your business or brand. The PPC agency should be able to take enough time to learn more about your business and services, your goals, your industry, as well as your competitors.

This will help them have a clear understanding of how well to run and manage your PPC ad campaigns in order to ensure great success.


9. Excellent Customer Service


Good customer service is very important to every business. Apart from the core services, a PPC agency should have excellent customer care services.

They should have a front desk personnel or secretary that promptly answers phone calls, emails, and inquiries.

They should be able to respond to calls and emails and reply quickly. Generally, you should be satisfied with their customer service as well as their service delivery.


10. Budget


When choosing a PPC agency, you should consider your budget. There are numerous PPC agencies available and their pricing structures are different.

You should choose the agency that meets your budget while also paying attention to excellent service delivery. Ensure that you hire a PPC agency that will give you good returns on your investment.


8 Reasons Intellius Medical is the Best PPC Marketing Agency for Your Business 


Intellius Medical is a reputable PPC marketing agency that focuses on driving leads to businesses and helping them make more revenue.


We have maintained a standard over the years as the best PPC marketing agency for businesses looking to acquire new leads and make more sales.


There are many reasons why we are the best PPC marketing agency for your business.


1. Our PPC Agency Employs Experts


At Intellius Medical, we employ experts with a proven track record of excellence. Our PPC experts all have extensive knowledge and experience of the industry and how it works.

They know exactly what to do to get the job done successfully. They are award-winning PPC experts with many years of experience.


2. Our PPC Firm Sees You As A Name, Not A Number


At Intellius Medical, we pay keen attention to each and every client. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we give them what they want.

Every client is human to us and has a name. We are transparent in dealing with clients and we communicate with them throughout their campaigns.


3. Our PPC Company Has 1,020+ Testimonials


At Intellius Medical, we have maintained our standard over the years by providing excellent service delivery. You can see this in over 1020 testimonials from our clients. Our clients are always satisfied with the results of their campaigns.

This is why they’re always happy to leave reviews and testimonials on our website and review pages. You can go through our website and review pages to read reviews and testimonials from our happy clients.


4. Our PPC Agency Targets Top Ad Networks


At Intellius Medical, we always aim to get high conversions from our PPC ad campaigns.

This is why we target top ad-performing networks and platforms. With our experience over the years, we have been able to know which networks and platforms work best for specific industries.

First, we learn more about your business and industry, and then we develop a workable plan to ensure that your PPC ad works magic.

5. Our PPC Firm Creates Custom Ad Campaigns


We are aware that businesses are different. This is why we always take our time to learn more about every business that requires our services.

We create custom ad campaigns that align with your business and goals. We create and manage campaigns that are specifically tailored to your type of business and industry.


6. Our PPC Company Provides Transparent Pricing


At Intellius Medical, we are very transparent about our pricing structure. We provide our pricing structure clearly without any hidden charges or payments, and our pricing is dynamic.

This means that no matter your budget, we have a pricing structure that can accommodate it.


7. Our PPC Agency Offers A Suite Of Digital Marketing Solutions


At Intellius Medical, we offer a suite of digital marketing solutions to address various areas of your business marketing needs.

We are not just focused on PPC ads alone, we also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, landing page design, content creation, content marketing, email marketing, market research, and many more.


8. Our PPC Firm Provides Turnkey Services


We also offer turnkey services which allow us to build and implement a new improved system or tool into your current business process for better performance. We can also help you develop a business that you can run with ease.


How To Find A List Of PPC Agencies


There are various ways that you can find a list of PPC agencies within and outside your community.


The easiest and quickest way to find a list of PPC agencies is to conduct a simple Google search. You can search for “PPC agencies near me” or “top 10 best PPC agencies”.

When you search for PPC agencies on Google, a list of various PPC agencies will be displayed. You will need to conduct adequate research and learn more about each agency to know which you would like to hire and work with.


You can also search for PPC agencies on review sites. There are various review sites where you can find PPC agencies. These include Yelp, UpCity, Clutch, etc.


You can also ask for referrals from industry experts, marketing managers, and business owners that have previously hired PPC agencies.


Medical PPC agency

Medical PPC agencies are PPC experts who specialize in healthcare marketing.

Healthcare organizations are usually under scrutiny from digital advertising platforms, which means that you may not be able to achieve desired results with medical PPC ads if you’re not an expert.

A medical PPC agency helps develop a PPC strategy that best suits your practice while considering the risk of ad policy violations, disapproval rabbit holes, and insensitive ad tone.

Such agencies can help you bring ROI-driven, best-in-class PPC marketing to the healthcare sector.


Medspa PPC management

If you’re struggling to attract new clients to your medical spa despite your paid campaigns, it may be time to bring in a medical spa PPC management expert. It’s better to seek the specialized services that a medical spa PPC agency offers.

The management team can help you build a targeted approach designed to reach a high-intent audience seeking exactly what your medical spa offers.


How to hire a PPC agency

The easiest way to find a list of agencies to hire is to conduct online research. Use Google, other search engines, and social media platforms for your evaluation. A simple search for PPC agencies near me will return a list of PPC agencies.

Read through each PPC agency's portfolio and do adequate research on each before making a choice on which one to hire. You can also ask people in your network or industry for recommendations.


Do I need a PPC agency?

You need a PPC agency for your medical practice if you’re not an expert in PPC management. You need a PPC agency for your marketing while you take care of the medical aspect of your practice.


Orthopedic PPC agency

An Orthopedic PPC agency is a digital marketing agency that helps mid- to large-size orthopaedic practices acquire new patients through PPC advertising.

A full-service orthopaedic PPC agency offers comprehensive services, including launching PPC ads, landing page development, analytics, and campaign tracking.


PPC marketing agency Dallas, TX

An expert PPC marketing agency understands which keywords, ad copy, and landing page structure best resonate with your medical practice.

An expert marketing agency can help you connect with potential patients using PPC ads and get them to make appointments. Contact Intellius Medical today for your PPC marketing.


PPC marketing agency Fort Worth

Finding a PPC marketing agency in Fort Worth, Texas, is quite simple. You only need to conduct a thorough online search.

A good PPC marketing agency conducts a thorough assessment and optimization process on a client’s current campaigns or devises a better strategy to strengthen their online presence and increase patient acquisition.


PPC tips for healthcare

  • Understand your brand, services, and how medical consumers search for medical practices.

  •  M aster keyword research and categorize keywords based on user intent.

  • Optimize your landing page.

  • Use location targeting

  • Enable ad extensions


PPC Advertising Services Dallas

The common PPC advertising services in Dallas include:

  • Keyword research and strategy

  • Ad campaign setup and management

  • Ad copywriting and optimization

  • Landing page creation and optimization

  • Bid management and optimization

  • Ad targeting and retargeting

  • Ongoing campaign optimization and improvement


PPC ads reviews

 “PPC has brought a lot of quality leads over the years and this has resulted in unparalleled success. It’s probably because of the targeting and restarting strategy”

Blooms Clinic


“PPC ads are one I will keep recommending for business owners because my business is real-life evidence that the ad is worth it. I started out doing it myself but wasn’t getting the best results until I partnered with a good agency.  It is great to know we can relax with the knowledge of my brand in the hands of real experts”.



 What are keywords in PPC?


Keywords in PPC are very important. They are what potential customers will use to find your website. With the right keywords, potential customers can easily find your website, and the right keywords will drive huge traffic to it.


Partner with the Industry’s Leading PPC Advertising Agency for Your Industry


If you want to acquire huge leads, make huge conversions, and make great sales, you should partner with the industry’s leading PPC advertising agency for your industry.

You can conduct adequate research and follow the useful tips we have enumerated in this article for guidance.

We also recommend that you seek the services of a reputable PPC agency like Intellius Medical to guide you toward making the right decision.

We can also create and manage custom PPC ad campaigns tailored to your type of business and industry. You can be assured of huge ROI when you hire us.


Contact Intellius Medical today or Book a Session to get started.

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