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Top 20 Medspa Ads and Creative Ads Designs For Medical Spa

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Medspa ads and creative ads designs for Medical Spa

Recently Medspa ads are necessary because, after 2016, 50% extra Medspas have been started. Now, there are 21,950 Medspas in the US. Of course, the Medspa business is profitable.

The annual profit of Medspa can reach $4-5 Million. On average, it is $1 million. This attracts marketers to invest in this industry. The net growth rate of the Medspa industry is $3.7 billion in annual revenue.

The market value of Medspa also increases by 13.3%.  To your surprise, it is only 5% of Medspa is successful. You must not fall into the rest 95% Spa business. Then your promotional Medspa ads need to be more creative and unique. 90% of marketing analysts find ads as an influencing mode. Sadly, only 5% of online ads do bring conversion again. Of course, 88.6% of enterprise uses ads and fails to compete. It is because viewers spend less than 15seconds viewing promotional ads.

If there is one way to escape from creating failing ads, you must know up-to-date Medical spa ideas.

Are you looking up creative Medspa ads?

Here you find creative and trendy ad ideas for 2022 for your Medspa.


Playable in-app ads are advanced digital ads. It costs $11 to $25 for 1000 impressions. But these ads are highly targeting ads. They do not stop with creating impressions. You know the craze and addictiveness of digital games.

The coins, tokens, and coupons they earn through playable ads force them to visit your Medspa directly. You see many restaurants use playable ads to choose their toppings on pizza by adding flavors on their own. Likely, Medspa can develop such gaming programs on skin or general concerns. Make sure the Playables make them visit the app quite often. To spend and to claim the earned reward through the game, they surely visit your Medspa.

You have a great scope for announcing offers, and special discounts on beauty and wellness treatments through such Playables to hit your programs.

Landing page ads

70% of medspa business owners use websites for brand promotion. Indeed, you also have one Medspa Website to promote content. Generally, click-through links are shared widely to arrive at the Medspa website. Many business owners fail to do website promotion as they never have a landing page.

You know, visitors spend less than 15 seconds and quit websites. Now you have 15 seconds to create an impression. The landing page is where the important and most viewed content, current offers, and discounts of Medspa are given.

Always post your Medspa ads on a landing page to increase view rate and conversion.

Photo ads

Images are 3X better than written content-based ads. Medspa can use photo ads as they show the transformation. But make sure you are not violating ad rules. For Medspas, you should not use any close-up photos and the name of the customer as well.

If using, then permission from the particular customer is necessary. Below the photo ads, you give this as a disclaimer. Better appealing and eye-catchy ads should balance the colors used inside the photos. Know the psychology of colors before using them for photo ads. Also, photo ads need a caption but it should not overlap the image you use.

Viewers never have the patience to read those lengthy tagline captions. If so, they miss viewing the photo. Use a few or 3-5 words above the photo ads. Super quick photo ads take a second for 90% of viewers as per statistics.

Medspa photo ads can be before/after images under tags like #zero filter face # age is just a number # love the new you!

Video ads

Video ads may look like an old idea. But using videos for creative Medspa ads content is something very new. The effectiveness of video ads lies in timing. 66% of successful video ads are within 30 seconds time limit. Short videos attract the best. When you prolong videos for 1 minute, sadly 1% of viewers see and turn your Medspa customer. Video ads can be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere in the mid of other popular content videos. Content of the video ad can be testimonies, reviews, and any true transformations. Using fake or exaggerating content lack credibility. Use realistic content with real customers but be more creative in presenting your idea.


Instagram has 1.9 billion average daily users. Medspa Instagram stories can be posted consistently. It is considered 3-5 posts per week. Customers following your official Medspa Instagram Id can find this attractive. On the other hand, it never takes much of the viewers' time. But the progress is very gradual. You cannot expect conversion overnight. Initially, the view rate of such promotional stories keeps increasing. Eventually, it brings conversion and traffic to your Medspa. Fix a time to post stories on Instagram every day. This creates curiosity and viewers start checking them quite often and are convinced to visit your Medspa finally.

Carousel ads

Carousel ads are nothing but a gallery of images. It can contain up to 10 images or videos in one ad. This ad format is used on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Marketers believe that it can bring 10X traffic comparing any other creative ad idea. For Medspa ads, you can use hashtags and put photos accordingly as a gallery. All images relating to one skincare regime, anti-aging tips, or normalizing cosmetic surgeries together convey the target audience the purpose. At times, you can use carousel ads to get visibility of your recent offers and discounts.

Slide show ads

Slide show ads are often posted on Facebook. They are video-like ads but not videos exactly. They use sound, visuals, and text together to create slide show ads. They can be created with apps with minimal cost.

But make sure, you use fewer words inside slide show ads. The audio and visual effects can be impressive and creative to get the viewer's attention. This is otherwise, simply updated in the Facebook status section and click "Create Slideshow". You can also read the choice and interest of the target audience by getting reports of such medspa ads. That's where you get which slide is viewed longer and you can work on improving the particular service in your Medspa with offers in the future.


Messenger ads are no less than any digital ads. They are old yet creative and catchy ad idea proves working till date. To our surprise, 93% of text messages are seen within a matter of 10 minutes. It is not only seen but read. Then creating brand awareness is so easy. You need to have a list of contact numbers of your target audience. There again, you can be more creative by using different fonts to highlight your Medspa name. Give enough contact details with the contact number. Also, let them know about the ongoing offers and advanced cosmetic treatments. It needs to be precise around 20 words yet impressive.

Split-screen mobile ads

When you know the psychology of colors, you can go with split-screen mobile ads. They are direct in telling the intention and often a single image with limited words. Half of the device screen holds one picture and the other the opposite part of it. Moreover, split-screen ads are understood quickly by the audience and the reach is higher than other ad types. Also remember, 90% and above target audiences view ads on their mobile devices. This seems a good sign of using split-screen ads to attract to visit your Medspa.

Inventory showcase

Medspa does not stop doing beauty, wellness, and treatments. It also sells inventory items relating to skincare, anti-aging, and other dermatological products on various skin issues. This is called marketing.

You are providing service thereby asking customers to buy products for lasting results. Stress the importance of using those products in your ad tagline. They show the products in close-up shots. To an extent, you can show ingredients with a picture demonstration of the effectiveness. Also, mention the pricing with offers. Inventory showcase ads are photos or videos stressing the importance of using the products. Always link your website where they can buy and pay for the product immediately.

Subscription box

The audience may become your loyal customers in due course. In that case, you need to show the difference between long-term and newly arriving customers.

To favor long-term customers, you can create targeting ads. It is told that rarely 10% of first-timers visit your Medspa again. This gets reduced day by day. Subscription box ads are special ads created for that 10% of customers. Provide them subscription coupons. Clicking those ads, they promise to be your customer and often visit your Medspa.

Subscription box ads need not give any service for free. But it can cover head-to-toe transformation in a year at regular intervals. Traffic gets increased and you have hit conversion rate finally.

Desktop feeds

For desktop users, Medspa promotional ads can be given as feeds. Windows and other desktop applications use a set of instructions or programs. This keeps reminding top feeds from your Medspa website.

Thus your target audience is kept notified with current updates of your Medspa. Offers, discounts, and coupons can be claimed only when your customers know the ongoing events of Medspa.

Broadcast ads

Broadcast ads are yet more effective but costs higher than usual. The benefit of the broadcast ad is to show your ad where a large and wide group of the audience sees them. Televisions, radios, and internet pages are where broadcast ads get posted frequently. The search engine they use also decides the reach of the Medspa ad. There the built-in ads integrated with GMB (Google My Business) can be shown. Often the popular contents show top ads. Link your ads with a Search Engine and get wide reach.

Integrated ads

Integrated ads are connected with other popular content on social media. Most viewed content on Facebook, Instagram, and Social media pages can tie up with your Medspa. Show your ads in that space that is already popular. Viewers may see your ads accidentally and convert them into your customers. There are other third-party apps widely downloaded and used. Choose and use such platforms to show your ads. It is highly important to show your ads where many audiences appear.

Short video ads

You know video ads before. But these short video ads are created for less than 30 seconds. They are quick videos like you see on YouTube shorts. Convey your Medspa contents within such a short duration. The lesser the content you create, the higher the effect it causes among the audience.

Reach ads

Reach ads are initial ads. They can be your business cards for Medspa. It usually contains information about your Medspa as a whole. But it does not mean you dump everything there.

Other than your important details, give the link to your website to check other related details. This is an introduction page where your first-time customers see you for the first time.

You know it hardly takes 1/10th second to create the first impression. Create such a memorable impression with this reach ad. If not in digital modes, reach ads can be banners and posters pasted in your locality.

Retargeting ads

Retargeting ads are for your loyal customers. They are already introduced to your Medspa. Some of the viewers have already visited your Medspa even. You need to show extra special and advanced aspects of your business to them.

Unique and advanced treatments which are not available in your locality may attract them the best. Equip your Medspa and avail them through retargeting ads for better reach.

Review ads

The audience sees reviews before taking any service. It is 3-5 reviews viewed online before visiting a Medspa. Record videos of happy Customer's reviews on taken treatments or give pinned comments you receive from a happy customer. These ads take you close to your target audience.

Product ads

They are more like inventory showcase ads. This is where you show the close-up snaps of products. Other than promoting your Medspa treatments, these product ads give you extra revenue. Provide links to purchase products.

Give scannable options to see the buying options and paying options. Your Medspa brand becomes more familiar and recognized among the target audience.

Offer ads

Make exclusive ads for offers and discounts on beauty, wellness, and treatments. They must be separate from usual ads.

Not necessarily digital ads, give local reach ads, or any of the above ads to hit the seasonal or regimes you organize especially. Keep experimenting with your offer ads by comparing them with previous ads. Know your marketing strategy and create your medspa ads now!

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