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Guide To Orthopedic Advertising & Marketing With Data & Statistics

Updated: May 10

Orthopedic Advertising & Marketing

Orthopedic Advertising & Marketing is essential to the success of all orthopedic clinics because that’s the only way to get patients to know about their services. Advertising is an integral part of marketing; it helps educate your target audience about your services and what they stand to benefit.

Orthopedic Advertising & Marketing
Orthopedic Advertising & Marketing

There are different advertising and marketing strategies, including SEO, PPC, Social media, etc. Practicing effective advertising and marketing can help you acquire new patients and succeed in your practice.

Continue reading to learn about how you can run successful advertising and marketing for your orthopedic practice.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the science of improving the quality of a website to increase its visibility when prospects search for the product or services it offers. It’s a digital era now, and most people go online to search for products and services, including medical practices.

Optimizing your website helps you rank high on search engines when potential patients search for orthopedic practices in your location.

Importance of SEO In The Orthopedic Industry

Increase Your Website Traffic

Increase Your Website Traffic
Increase Your Website Traffic

Improving your orthopedic practice site SEO will help increase your web traffic. And this will result in increased potential patients as your treatment services get popular the higher it ranks on search engine results. So, use the proper keyword and terms related to your healthcare industry to attract the right prospects.

Educate Ortho Patients

SEO for orthopedic advertising & marketing promotes the creation of relevant and quality content. Hosting a blog on your website is a significant way to improve the site’s SEO.

Producing quality content with SEO in mind will help educate your potential patients more about their condition and treatment as well as promote your orthopedic practice.

Builds Credibility

Another importance that comes with improving your site SEO is that it gives your practice more credibility. The fact that your site comes at the top of search engine results when potential patients seek information about orthopedics will increase your credibility and relevance to the audience.

Most will keep coming back to the site for more information, and some may even schedule an appointment with your clinic.

Yields Good Returns

One of the most effective Orthopedic advertising & marketing strategy you can adopt in your industry is SEO marketing. This is because this marketing strategy isn’t costly and gives you good returns on investment when handled by capable hands.

You don’t necessarily need to know about SEO marketing for your industry as a treatment provider; you can get an SEO marketing agency that specializes in running SEO campaigns for ortho practices.

Tips And Best Practices For Optimizing A Website For Search Engines

  • Research for keywords used by ortho patients when searching for topics related to ortho treatment. This will allow you to create relevant content for search engines to surface your website for potential patients.

  • Improve your website design for better search rankings. Search Engines attach more importance to sites that offer good user experience. Make sure your site is user-friendly, mobile and tablet-friendly, and loads quickly.

  • Build authority by sharing your knowledge and expertise with your target audience so search engines can prioritize your sites when the audience does research online.

Data And Statistics On The Impact of SEO On Website Traffic And Conversions

Data And Statistics On The Impact of SEO On Website Traffic And Conversions
Data And Statistics On The Impact of SEO On Website Traffic And Conversions

There are about 100 billion searches for healthcare on Google every year and up to 70,000 health-related online searches each minute. 66% of internet users research online about health issues, and 56% of Internet users search online about medical treatment.

With this information, an Orthopedic Physician Clinic hired Fannit Orthopedic SEO marketing services to help with improving their SEO and increase more leads. The agency helped with the clinic’s digital marketing and increased its organic traffic by 34%.

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

This is the type of advertising in which the advertiser is charged every time their ad is clicked. PPC advertising is effective because it ensures you’re only paying for targeted visits.

PPC advertising provides you more returns on investment. With PPC ads, you select the type of campaign you want depending on your objectives for the ads. You select your settings to your target audience demographics and location. You also need to have an advertising budget and build your ads.

You can run a PPC ad on Google, Facebook, or Instagram to acquire new patients.

Importance of PPC In The Orthopedic Industry

Place Your Orthopedic Practice In Front of New Potentials

With PPC ads, you get the chance to place your practice in front of targeted audience. Your PPC ads aren’t restricted to targeting those on your customer lists alone. Once you define your audience, your ads will be seen by your target audience.

Easily Monitor And Measure Results

It’s essential to know when your ad campaigns are doing well and when they’re not to avoid wasting time and money. With PPC ads, you can easily monitor and measure results.

For instance, Google ads provide metrics that allow you to track your ad performance. It will also tell you the ads that are in the results and those that aren’t so you can make appropriate adjustments and get better results.

Highly Cost-effective

Another importance of PPC is that it helps you get maximum value for your advertising budget. PPC ads are cost-effective; you have total control of your ad budget, and you have a chance to set a budget that your practice can afford.

And as long as you’re targeting the relevant keywords, you will only pay when people interested in your practice click on your ads.

Quick Start

One thing about PPC ads is that it’s a much easier strategy to start with, and get timely results. You can start seeing quick results once you create a PPC ad and run it effectively.

Tips And Best Practices For Creating And Managing PPC Campaigns

Optimize your website to help bring in new leads

The landing pages related to your PPC ads should be optimized efficiently. The pages should be easy to navigate and load on time. The landing pages should contain useful information about your practice and a call-to-action.

Select the right bidding strategy

There are several bidding strategies on PPC Advertising platforms; you must select the one that suits your objectives, experience with PPC ads and advertising budget.

Create Compelling Ads

Your ads might not drive good results even if your ads are targeting the right audience if the ads aren’t compelling enough to attract a click. Grab the audience’s attention with interesting and exciting copy, use the proper keywords and include a call to action to run an effective PPC campaign.

Don’t abandon your ad campaigns after they’re up and running

You still need to monitor your ads, track performance and measure results to know if there’s a need to change anything for better results.

Data And Statistics On The Effectiveness of PPC Advertising

Google has the largest search engine industry, with up to 90% of the market share, thus making it an ideal platform for the healthcare industry, including orthopedic advertising & marketing. More than 76% of the healthcare industry uses Google Ads, which explains its effectiveness and ROIs.

For instance, when the Southeastern Ohio health system decided to prioritize its ortho care department due to the increasing need for care by locals, it invested in Google and YouTube ads and brought new patients to the clinic using an effective PPC campaign within a few months.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social media is another platform you can adopt for orthopedic advertising & marketing. There are different social media platforms you can take advantage of for your practice, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

With platforms like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, you can share educating and engaging video content, and you can host live Q&A sessions to discuss with existing and potential patients.

You can use Twitter and LinkedIn to educate your community and share your knowledge about through texts and images. You can also run social media campaigns to help achieve the goals you have for your practice

Tips And Best Practices For Creating And Managing Social Media Campaigns

Define Your Target Audience

While billions of people use social media platforms, the services you offer in you clinic aren’t for all social media users. Identify your ideal potential patient, including their demographics and anything you know about them.

Defining your audience and gathering information about them will help you create relevant content that will drive good results for your social media campaign strategy.

Establish Your Practice Presence On The Right Social Media Platforms

There are several social media platforms available but you need to choose the ones that can benefit you the most. It would help if you opt for the ones that suit the practice goals.

Use the social media platforms that resonate well with your practice. Use the social media platforms that your target audience utilizes the most.

Have A Social Media Campaign Strategy

You should utilize social media platforms strategically to make the most of your practice. Have an effective social media campaign strategy to reach out to more audiences.

Suppose you don’t have the knowledge or time to run an effective social media campaign. In that case, it’s best to hire an experienced social media manager advertising agency to run your social media campaigns.

Data and Statistics on the Impact of Social Media Marketing on Engagement and Conversions in the Orthopedic Advertising & Marketing

Almost 90% of older people have used social media to share and seek medical information. 29% of patients look on social media to see other experiences with their medical condition, and 42% check social media for health-related patient reviews. 60% of social media users will most likely trust and engage with social media content shared by a doctor, including an orthopedic physician.

The Mayo clinic podcast listeners rose by 76,000 after the clinic started using social media.

4. Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing
Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool to increase their visibility and attract new prospects. Creating visual content is essential when running Instagram campaigns, as Instagram promotes video content distribution and engagement.

The social media channel can also be used as a marketing tool in the orthopedic industry by posting educational and interactive content at the right time. Post review videos to encourage prospective patients to have more trust in your expertise.

In addition, you can create sponsored ads to reach a wider audience on Instagram and partner with influencers in the healthcare industry to promote your practice on Instagram.

Tips And Best Practices For Creating And Managing Instagram Campaigns

Engage With Your Followers

An excellent practice to better manage Instagram campaigns is to engage your audience, answer their questions and acknowledge their reviews on Instagram. Doing this from time to time will help build credibility and gain their trust.

Stay Up To Date With All Instagram Changes And Updates

Instagram is similar to other social media platforms. They’re constantly changing and improving for a better user experience. It would help if you stay updated to leverage the latest trends and features to promote your practice.

Maintain A Consistent Instagram Feed With High-Quality Visuals

Instagram is a visual platform where only quality videos and images thrive the most. Upload useful videos and images of your practice and procedures. You can also upload videos of you speaking on various health-related topics. Doing this will keep your followers glued to your page expecting your next upload.

Data And Statistics On The Effectiveness of Instagram Marketing

Most internet users have social media accounts, and 79%of users look for answers to specific health-related concerns on social media, including Instagram. Instagram claims that Instagram-sponsored ads can reach close to 850 million people on the app.

Research has shown that social media followers can convert twice as fast as your usual conversion rate.

5. TikTok Marketing

TikTok Marketing
TikTok Marketing

TikTok is another social media platform that you can leverage on to advertise and market your practice to healthcare consumers. TikTok has been growing rapidly since its stable release, with over 1 billion monthly active users.

Many brands haven’t taken the time to figure out how to use TikTok as a marketing tool. With the low competition on TikTok, you can use it to promote your practice to the teaming audience on the platform.

TikTok is based on video content; people scroll through the app interacting and engaging with videos. Engagement is high on this platform, and statistics show that users spend an average of 45 minutes on the app daily.

You can use it for marketing by creating and posting exciting and educating TikTok videos about your practice. You can also partner with creators in the healthcare industry to run TikTok marketing campaigns for you.

Tips And Best Practices For Creating And Managing TikTok Campaigns

Strike A Balance Between Entertaining And Promoting

It’s easy to get into creating educating and entertaining short video content, but you should also incorporate videos that promote your practice as you’re using TikTok as a marketing tool. Maintaining a balance between the two will help keep your followers engaged and increase your practice visibility.

Incorporate Trends And Hashtags With Your Content

Using hashtags in your content will increase its discoverability on the app and let it reach a wider audience interested in content like the ones you create. Sounds and effects also trend on TikTok, so you can incorporate trending sounds in your videos to increase your reach.

TikTok rewards those that post frequently

You should try to post content about your practice on your TikTok page as often as possible. The more content you post, the more users discover your videos and follow your brand.

Data And Statistics On The Effectiveness of TikTok Marketing

TikTok is one of the most used platforms, with over 3 billion downloads and one billion monthly active users. The fact that it’s the most engaging social media app makes it a highly effective marketing tool in the healthcare industry.

Ad content created for the app in collaboration with creators has a 93% higher engagement rate. 55% of Tiktokers also say it helps them discover new things.

Your practice can be part of this new TikTok discovery if you effectively utilize TikTok for your marketing campaigns.

Content marketing orthopedic practice

Content marketing for orthopedic practice is a marketing strategy that focuses on building strong relationships with your audience through high-quality content that educates your audience, ultimately leading to conversions.

Content marketing aims to drive new patients to your practice without directly pitching your services. Content marketing for orthopedic practice could be in different forms. You share content in the form of text, images, and videos on social media, blogs, and websites.

The most important thing is ensuring that your content is high quality and relevant to your audience.

Digital Marketing Results for Orthopedics

Digital marketing results for orthopedics include increasing audience engagement with the brand. It also provides accurate results in real time, allowing a practice to measure its return on investment (ROI) and know what’s working and what’s not.


Orthopedic PPC Agency

Orthopedic PPC agency specializes in helping orthopedic practices acquire new patients using PPC. The agency helps generate leads using orthopedic PPC services.

The advantage of an Orthopedic marketing agency is that the agency has years of experience managing PPC ads for various orthopedic practices. Such agencies have the data and experience to boost your PPC outcomes and get you good returns on your investment.


Orthopedics Advertising

Orthopedics advertising includes targeted efforts aimed at increasing the reach of an orthopedic practice and increasing its patient base. With an effective marketing campaign, orthopedics can make huge conversions and increase their patients’ acquisition rates.

There are various advertising channels that orthopedics can use to reach out to potential patients. These include social media, organic and paid ads, SEO, content marketing, etc.

As an orthopedics, hiring an experienced medical advertising agency like Intellius Medical is best.



Marketing for Orthopedic

Marketing for orthopedics is similar to marketing for every other healthcare practice. Direct your efforts to marketing strategies that work and yield results.

Design a high-quality website, create and manage your social media accounts, get on with PPC ads, and don’t forget content marketing. With all these marketing channels, you will be able to get your practice in front of a larger number of people and make more conversions.


Inbound Marketing Ideas for Orthopedic Practices

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Connect with your target audience on social media and share your content. By interacting with those who engage with your content, you can use social media to increase your reputation and gain trust.


Have a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

Effective content marketing is vital to inbound marketing for orthopedic practices. Create blog posts, articles, infographics, and videos, passing relevant information on to people seeking your services.


Orthopedic marketing agency

Orthopedic marketing agencies specialize in helping orthopedic practices succeed with SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. An orthopedic marketing agency helps with creating an effective marketing strategy.

Partnering with an agency makes your work much easier as it creates more time for you to attend to patients while the agency focuses on bringing in new patients to your practice.


Orthopedic advertising campaigns

Creating orthopedic advertising campaigns that bring in good results requires understanding your target audience, your own advertising goals, and having good knowledge of how to create and manage advertising campaigns.

As an orthopedist, you can create an advertising campaign that resonates with your target audience with a goal in mind. Your goal may be to get more people to know about your practice, get more bookings, drive traffic to your website, or get more engagements.

Whatever your goal is, you can tailor your advertising campaigns to achieve your goal.


The Future of Marketing in Orthopedics

The future of marketing in orthopedics is digital. The world is becoming digital and most people now seek medical services online.

Leverage digital marketing to take your practice to the next level.


Orthopedic practices must constantly look for effective ways to improve their advertising and marketing efforts. Digital marketing has made it much easier to reach out to many prospects.

You can now target and reach your ideal patients through effective online marketing.

This guide extensively discusses different advertising and marketing strategies that you can adopt for your practice. Effectively apply these strategies, and you will be surprised at how quickly you will start acquiring new patients for your orthopedic practice. Contact us with your queries.

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